Friday, December 19, 2008

Aboriginals here and there

This is my tapestry inspired both in the Maya profiles and the Norval Morriseau images from the First Nations Art Work. It was my first tapestry woven in Canada when I arrived, and it moved me so much to find similarities in our aboriginals. Colours, shapes and energy.

My latest tapestry.

This is my latest Tapestry, Explosions in the Savanah. It is a project inspired in one of Lyn Estall's, Oakville's local artist and friend art work.
The size was so fun to work on and specially, the amount of yellow in it was a challenge for me. It moved and changed my regular pallette of colour, but I enjoyed it so much!.
I love mixing different textures and materials eventhough this tapestry is almost all plain weave, comparing to my other projects.
I will be participating in the World of Threads Festival 2009, and it could be one of my choices for the International Juried Show Common Thread.Deadlines are coming soon, so don't miss this opportunity to participate.

Visit the site and join me in this adventure in Oakville.