Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 31 of the Woven Tapestry Project

Day 31 was a gorgeous sunny bright day. Full of light and melting almost all the snow. Energetic from the beginning!
It started early. My daughter was sick so, since I did not have to take her to school, I decided to arrive to the Attic around 8.30 a.m. This was great because I definitely took advantage of the time, and a lot of progress was done. Stella arrived later, as well as Lorraine for a while. Yamile was in Ottawa, so the weavers for the day enjoyed Brazilian Lounge music, Spanish guitar and much more inspiring music.

It is amazing how once you get used to the image, it is very difficult to imagine it other way, but flipping the image sideways, the way it is supposed it will be displayed, creates a completely connotation and reading.

Some have asked me about the details of the soumaks and/or jerseys. Here you can appreciate a bit of the details going on for the vertical tiny lines.

Enjoy the week and the is is coming...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Woven journal project day # 29

Day 29 of the Woven Tapestry Journal

Day 29 was particularly cold..-23 C, windy and really dark. Yet here we were weaving because the project is coming along and if we finish it by end of May we might be able to bring it for the exhibition in Mexico City. Visit the link and take a look at all the wonderful exhibitions to come during the VI Biennial of World Textile Art, hosted in this occasion by Mexico!

I will write more next time. It has been a very busy week and I really have no energy to write as I should. Enjoy the images which I believe speak for themselves. Nice blending of different materials.

Until next chat!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Woven Tapestry Journal Day 27

You would think that because of one of the worst snow storms to hit Ontario last wednesday we would sit back and stay at home just waiting for the weather to get better, but of course that was not our case.

The winter landscapes, the snowing storm, the ice pellets and the covered parking lot where just fine for our weekly drive to the attic. Being there was just what we needed to have a wonderful time inside, hot coffee and great music inspired our weaving.

The advances of the project can be seen week after week.

Visitors are anxious to see it finished as well as we do.

The weaving has become in some parts a real winter scene!!! what will it be in the Spring?

Will the landscapes, the weather and the emotions determine our weaving???

Keep up with the blog and let's see what what happens after this tremendous storm.

Have a cup of tea or coffee and relax. Weave and be happy. Great weaving to all.

New advances on the barks

I am so happy to share with you these images of the advances of the Series of tapestries for Burlington Art Centre exhibit.
This tapestry started a couple of blogs away. Now I would like to share a bit about my process for producing a tapestry.

FRirst I select the image, which in this case is a picture I took from a detail of a bark from a maple tree walking along a train near Oakville, in one of the trails that lead to Crawford Lake in Ontario. I do not use any kind of photoshop or arrangements for the photography, yet in this case I just pushed a little bit higher the contrast and look how the colours ended up to be!

Then I decide the format of the warp, which in this case I set half of my frame loom, because the other half I started already an image of the Gatineau hills you will get to see later in the blog.

The image then I draw lines to divide it and to make it easier to follow up in the cartoon I usually set at the back of the warp.

Here you can see an image of the sketched photograph, and the divided secttion I am showing already woven into the warp.

The fascinating thing about these kinds of projects is that you can play around with the dozens of combinations of different coloured yarns. Visually, just like in the impressionist paintings, the eye tends to fill the concept and the idea to blend in the colours and fuse them into many different hues.

Eventhough I am a bit behind my schedule, I am almost half way through the full tapestry.

Enjoy weaving!

Until next blogging!