Monday, August 17, 2009

This is the tapestry .I still need to work on the mounting over the canvas. It is drying out before sweing it. It will help to stretch it a bit more. The brown lines tend to pull a little bit inside. They are very tight, and they would look better all tightly stretched.

Finishing the commission

The finished piece measures 50 X 35 in. and the mounting will be sewn to a canvas 60 X 40 in. painted in dark brown colour.I still need to owrk on the mounting. I am right now working on the back finishes.It was interesting to see the development of this piece. Tha one before was soooo textural and this , eventhough it has texture and different techniques it is quite plain on the surface.

finished commission

This is the day of the details. I still have to work on the mounting because since it is all white over white, I need to mount it to a coloured canvas in a contrast colour. In this case I selected a dark brown because the lines are brown. It makes good contrast as a background.
This is a detail of the centre part of the design. It has metallic threads and rough natural material. Again the contrast in texture is one of my main interests.