Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Studio

And now this is my turn to show a little bit of my Shangri-la... my space where we get together, weave, have a cup of coffee.
The Oakville Tapestry Studio is a small space, but I think it is just what we need.

Project for Nine lives

This is my new mini tapestry I will present for the nine lives exhibit in the World of Threads Festival 2009 next Fall.
This was inspired on one of Lyn Estall's paintings. The exhibit, since it is our seventh Festival, we wanted to relate it this time to feline-theme. I had so much fun weaving this piece.
If anyone is interested in participating the call for entry will end next May and it is open National for Canada.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yukon Fields with me before the cutting

Here I am before doing the cutting of the warp. I wove it sideways, but the darkest part goes upwards.

Yukon Fields

This is the tapestry I finished today, January 13. It is a comission for a friend from Mexico and it will be presented next Friday in Oakville's Town Hall for the exhibit

abstract Canadian Landscape. It was inspired in a photograph from the fields in Yukon. It was really attrractive weaving in Orange......I mean really bright orange. The materials go from silk, linen, cotton, metallic, synthetic....fabric...anything I found that I could use for the fields, I incorporated them in.