Saturday, June 6, 2009

more images

On one hand I really think this proyect has movement by itself, with no textural resource....on the other hand, the original image, where I am inspiring from, is a whole bunch of fabrics all together which moved me to do this particular proyect. Let's find out during the next weeks what will become of it. It is exciting to have transformations on the way. The fibres and the textures speak for themselves and they are the ones to tell you what they want, don't they!

working on my new commission

I am still working trying to figure out how will I develop my almost 3-D tapestry. As you saw in the detail before, I was trying to have an approach with crochet, now I don't know exactly because I am enjoying the simplicity of only working in the visual volumes....let's see what comes out of this. I am almost 3/4 done the back part as you can see. Keep in touch to see the final version. I am looking forward to see this piece fully woven.