Monday, December 27, 2010

The woven Journal day 21

The day in the attic developed really fast because as crazy as December can be, of course we had to leave earlier tha usual. I am still with my moving things but hopefully soon I will finish unpacking everything. Stella came along with a little girl who was fascinated with the snow we started to have early in the week.

Natasha Sim is one of our visitors to the Attic. She is 10 years old and lives in Singapore with her mom Katherina. She will be in Grade 5 next year (they call it Primary 5 in Singapore, so not sure if its the same as grade 5 here in Canada). She loves the cold weather in Canada and loves to play in the snow. She had a brief skiing lesson in Mt Tremblant and also tried to skate. Nice to have visitors here from all around. Nice to see you here Natasha and have a safe trip back home.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Studio!!!

It gives me great pleasure to share with you this news: our New location for the Tapestry Studio.

3 weeks ago we moved and the Tapestry studio has now a comfortable hub to create larger tapestries! Now I can have all together my library

in the same place for our members to learn and share and expand our knowledge.

This studio shares the space with the Oakville Painting Studio some other days,

but it makes the space a creative and fascinating space for inspiration. Here

Of course, I had to put a little bit of my essence ( my Mexican Corner: a kind of "Cantina" style place for all to have a snack or refreshment during an intense day).

Alebrijes, molcajetes, tequila and mascaras are just some of our traditional toys, arctifacts and decorative elements Mexico offers, and I love them because of their colour and vibrant imagery.

I was so excited to set up all the yarns and different materials all around that I immediately went to buy all the necessary stuff to build up a large frame loom that will allow me to weave a tapestry as big as 5 meters wide by 2.80 meters tall.

I started already a new project for the Series of the Exhibition in 2012. It is a picture from a bark from a Maple tree.

The materials of course vary from raw thick materials to silks, raffias or bamboo fibres.

Keep up to the development of this new project. It already looks interesting and I am so happy to start in this new space.

Congratulations to All the Members and thank you for your support.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Woven journal day 19

Interesting and fascinating as always.

This day 19 we where just starting the day with a shinny, beautiful day when suddenly one of the members of the Friday Group showed into the Attic: Artist Sonja Hidas (
Not only we shared some interesting exchange of ideas regarding the visual project and the need to explore each medium as independent languages, but also the need to respect each form of expression to have their own communicative process with the spectator.
In her home page, I found this quote from James LoParo:

The compositions of Sonja Hidas are at once linear and spontaneous. The result is a visceral experience that invites you to participate in the intellect of nature.

And going through her artwork, you can understad the meaning of it.

The day passes, weaving, singing and listening to music. This time Christmas Harp soft music is the one that creates this ambiance of Winter Holiday Season soon to come.

Sybil, lovely as always, invites the weavers for lunch, which we did gladly.

It is such a feast for all the delicious food there is alwasy around the table.

We were many at the table, even some special textile guests:

We had some visitors: Sybils 8 wild cats. Some decided to pose for the photo, some where just hiding, but they were all invited to share this wonderful day at Joshua Creek.

The Attic was really lucky because has been visited by all different kinds of artists and interesting people. At the end of the week I had some artists friend from Quebec visiting me, and of course we had to bring them to the Attic.

Owen Tuf one of my friends,textile artist and landscaper (below one of her pieces that participated in the International Encounter of Textile Arts in Moon Rain Centre las Summer: When thirteen Moon Entwine)

also has been teaching yoga, dance and creative movement in the Wakefield area for several years. Her own practice is about discovering what it means to be a good human-animal and emphasizes creativity and a strong connection with the Body Earth. owen's classes follow the unique combination of Kripalu Yoga - blending traditional postures and breathwork - with the technology of modern kinesthetics. Students not only benefit from the centering, strength and flexibility that yoga brings, but are also encouraged to deepen their relationship to the wisdom of their own bodies.

And what can I say about Gabby, she is also an awesome person. We had so much fun together and thinking all the possible ways we can create more and more ideas in this world to get us even closer!

TThank you to all the wonderful people who are making this tapestry Attic a place of gathering ideas and sharing a wonderful space through Sybil. It will be an unforgettable experience!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 18 of the Woven Journal

Day 18 of the Woven journal at the Attic.
It was one of those really cold cold windy days. Really cold and dark. Seemed like almost dusk and yet it was 10 am. But, here we where: Stella, Yamile and I, and for the first time to visit came along Irma, one of my friend's Mom who wanted to participate today in this creative process.

The day I must say was really productive! it was one of those weaving days when you can say: Hey, today I had a great advance! and I guess it happened to all of us.

As always, the energy of the place fills the hearts and warms the Soul of anyone who comes here.

Sybil had left some gorgeous collection tapestry related books for us to look through. Then she came up the stairs to let me know they were a gift from me.

Some of these books have really interesting tapestries from the origins of the traditional school of tapestries from Jean Lurcat, the French weaver-designer that revolutionized the vision of traditional tapestries into contemporary language.

Thank you Sybil. As always you keep amazing me. I will cherrish these books forever!