Monday, December 27, 2010

The woven Journal day 21

The day in the attic developed really fast because as crazy as December can be, of course we had to leave earlier tha usual. I am still with my moving things but hopefully soon I will finish unpacking everything. Stella came along with a little girl who was fascinated with the snow we started to have early in the week.

Natasha Sim is one of our visitors to the Attic. She is 10 years old and lives in Singapore with her mom Katherina. She will be in Grade 5 next year (they call it Primary 5 in Singapore, so not sure if its the same as grade 5 here in Canada). She loves the cold weather in Canada and loves to play in the snow. She had a brief skiing lesson in Mt Tremblant and also tried to skate. Nice to have visitors here from all around. Nice to see you here Natasha and have a safe trip back home.

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K Spoering said...

You are so busy, in TWO studios, I'm not sure how you had time for the holidays, but I am very impressed with your continuing work. May your new studio be blessed with good muses!