Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 18 of the Woven Journal

Day 18 of the Woven journal at the Attic.
It was one of those really cold cold windy days. Really cold and dark. Seemed like almost dusk and yet it was 10 am. But, here we where: Stella, Yamile and I, and for the first time to visit came along Irma, one of my friend's Mom who wanted to participate today in this creative process.

The day I must say was really productive! it was one of those weaving days when you can say: Hey, today I had a great advance! and I guess it happened to all of us.

As always, the energy of the place fills the hearts and warms the Soul of anyone who comes here.

Sybil had left some gorgeous collection tapestry related books for us to look through. Then she came up the stairs to let me know they were a gift from me.

Some of these books have really interesting tapestries from the origins of the traditional school of tapestries from Jean Lurcat, the French weaver-designer that revolutionized the vision of traditional tapestries into contemporary language.

Thank you Sybil. As always you keep amazing me. I will cherrish these books forever!

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