Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wee! Nominee Again!

I have been notified about the jury decision to select me as one of the 3 nominees for the Stars Among Us Award in the Visual Arts!!!!!
This time I will be competing with a fotographer and a painter.....wish us luck! And I say US because it is the fibre art that is being recognized.

Last year I was just thrilled about it. Not to mention that my kids where fascinated with the Red Carpet and paparazzi idea...and that my mom would be attending the show flying from Mexico. This picture was taken a year ago. I am standing with my Mom, and on the left side is Megan Whittington, Executive Director of the Oakville Arts Council who was the one who encouraged me to participate once again this year.
(Thank you Megan for believing in my work)

This time, for second time and with more contestants, I can´t be more than grateful to all the jurors who are once again recognizing the Fibre Art AS ART!!!!

That has been my fight over these many years of being a fibre artist: tapestry, clothing design and fabric, batik...paper making, 3-D weaving....ALL at the end are visualized as merely crafts. In a way, of course it is Craft, but the essence of it all jumps another level in the medium to Art.

So, winning or loosing on May 13 when the decision will be delivered in the Red Carpet Award ceremony at the performing arts Centre, for me we are ALL winners already.

Wee for tapestry!!!!! good luck to all!.