The Oakville Tapestry Studio

The Oakville Tapestry Studio opened its doors in 2006 in Oakville, Ontario. Since then it has been a creative space for interested people from around the world. No experience necessary and open for all levels, this Studio offers classes in traditional tapestry weaving techniques through a contemporary perspective. I encourage the participants to think outside of the "loom". That textile, and fibre art are a fascinating medium to express.

Ixchel had previously operated a textile school in Mexico City: Textil CreativoFor 10 years this textile art school offered classes not only in weaving but almost everything related to fibre: Hand made paper, batik, plangi, tie-dye, shibori, printed fabrics, silk screen printing, pattern and fashion design, basketry and 3-D structured weaving, traditional weaving in 4 shaft floor looms and tapestry.

Through her school,Textil Creativo, Ixchel had the opportunity of encouraging her students to explore the possibilities of surface design and textured weaving. By using all different materials and producing their own colours through natural dyes, the students created fascinating pieces!