Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Studio!!!

It gives me great pleasure to share with you this news: our New location for the Tapestry Studio.

3 weeks ago we moved and the Tapestry studio has now a comfortable hub to create larger tapestries! Now I can have all together my library

in the same place for our members to learn and share and expand our knowledge.

This studio shares the space with the Oakville Painting Studio some other days,

but it makes the space a creative and fascinating space for inspiration. Here

Of course, I had to put a little bit of my essence ( my Mexican Corner: a kind of "Cantina" style place for all to have a snack or refreshment during an intense day).

Alebrijes, molcajetes, tequila and mascaras are just some of our traditional toys, arctifacts and decorative elements Mexico offers, and I love them because of their colour and vibrant imagery.

I was so excited to set up all the yarns and different materials all around that I immediately went to buy all the necessary stuff to build up a large frame loom that will allow me to weave a tapestry as big as 5 meters wide by 2.80 meters tall.

I started already a new project for the Series of the Exhibition in 2012. It is a picture from a bark from a Maple tree.

The materials of course vary from raw thick materials to silks, raffias or bamboo fibres.

Keep up to the development of this new project. It already looks interesting and I am so happy to start in this new space.

Congratulations to All the Members and thank you for your support.

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