Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yukon Fields

This is the tapestry I finished today, January 13. It is a comission for a friend from Mexico and it will be presented next Friday in Oakville's Town Hall for the exhibit

abstract Canadian Landscape. It was inspired in a photograph from the fields in Yukon. It was really attrractive weaving in Orange......I mean really bright orange. The materials go from silk, linen, cotton, metallic, synthetic....fabric...anything I found that I could use for the fields, I incorporated them in.


Sojourner Design said...

Lovely. It must have been so enjoyable to weave with such a variety of materials, with both bright and muted hues. Thank you for sharing!


K Spoering said...

This is beautiful, Ixchel! It's good to find another tapestry blog. I've added a link to it on my blog.
Kathy S

Myr Sierra said...

It´s amazing and really an honor to know that I´m part of your life.
Thank for being so creative and inspiring in my life.
Myriam S

vtostado said...

I am so proud to know such a great artist, your work is beautiful.