Saturday, September 26, 2009

World of Threads

So as you all know, World of Threads is already on! andit has been an awesome experience. So much quality works, so much to see, learn and share. This piece was the winner for traditional and I must say is extraordinary the weaving and the dying of the warp and weft! The Batik shown above is from a friend from Poland who sent in her reflecting images and won a Honorable mention, and if you scroll down the images you will find Chris Palonka, owner of the b42 Gallery, who hosted one of the Common Thread international shows. He is admiring the miniature winner of the Best Contemporary. I will post the image as soon as I get the photograph, because it is such a delicate embroidery with an image of a grafitti....
I really admire the work of the judges. How did they mannage to sort out the winners? It must have been such a difficult task. More than 190 artists and all these fabulous works!..
Congratulations to all! I will continuing showing you more participants works later, but for now, keep up your fibre spirits!

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