Friday, May 6, 2011

woven tapestry journal Day 55...labour begins!

Today was a wonderful day.

May 7 will be in our journal with bold letters! Not only because the weather finally is having a bit of consideration and is letting the flowers bloom, but because we got on the day 55 of the woven tapestry journal and we got to the last line of the inside of the weaving of our wonderful birch tree!

It has paid off all the time spent on it. Every weft, every yarn, every lunch and every song we had the opportunity to share.

All the wonderful people who has taken the time to drop by and share their feelings, their comments and thoughts in our book, sharing cookies, or donating material...everything has just been a wonderful experience. We will sure miss being here. It has filled our soul with such positive energy.

Of course it is just the starting of the labor...the birth will take place as soon as we finish ALL the ends, sewing the slits, cutting the loose back ends, edges, etc. It will be the moment to cut the umbilical cord to release this wonderful project and bring it to life.

No wonder all the ancient communities refer to the process of weaving as a pregnancy, and this one starting in September will be an almost 9 months baby!

THE NAME:_____________________?????????

For me it is always difficult to name my pieces. First of all, because many times I interpret through textures images or photographs i have taken, not with the idea of copying, but as i say, just to feel it and read through fibres, regardless the final result.

On the left is the tapestry, on the right the image.

In this case, of course the image is taken from a picture i took from a bark from a birch tree. We have been struggling to find a proper name for it. Some people have shared that all they see is a landscape, or an underwater scene...

suggestions are welcome and we would like to hear what you, weavers from the world, have to say regarding the name for this tapestry.

Option 1: Essence of life

Option 2: Wonders of Nature: the Birch Tree

Option 3: Mysterious Bark

Option 4:_________________

Suggestions are welcome!

The cutting ceremony will take place on Monday May the 16, just in time to prepare it to travel to Mexico City, where a tapestry exhibit awaits us.

Encounter Mexico-Canada: Contemporary Fibre Art, where there will be an interesting round table and a collaborative exhibit, including the participation from Canada of Thoma Ewen from Quebec, Peter Harris from Ayton Ontario, Mike Prysiezny and Stella Tang from Oakville.

Mexico will participate with some fibre artists: Claudia Gonzalez, Georgette Hernandez, Lourdes Aspe, Carmen Tejada, Guadalupe de Aguero, Myriam Suarez,Victor del Corral (USA).

This exhibits runs parallel to the World Textile Art VI International Biennial - AIR -, where I had the opportunity to have some of my pieces selected by the jury to enter the large format and the Time Based format. This exhibit will take place in the Museo Diego Rivera in Mexico City.


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

suggestion for tapestry title:
"From the life of a birch tree"

Ixchel tapestry weaver said...

Thank you Vera....sounds nice!
we will consider it.
it is so exciting. The cutting >Birth> ceremony will be May 16. Will share pictures of the moment!..yeah!!!

Ixchel tapestry weaver said...
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Spencer Low said...

I vote for Vera's suggestion: "From the life of a birch tree".

eudor3 said...

Hola! me gusto como suena en espanol
te envio abrazo quebrador de costillas, con carino
Maru D'Agrosa

myriam ixchebell said...

How about :
Tantra: the essence of life
Tan: means extend and
tra: means to liberate....