Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beautiful Fall inspirations 2011

Beautiful Fall in Oakville.

This week my family and I decided to take a walk along one of the many trails in Oakville. It was such a pleasant ride that we had to stop ant take some wonderful pictures and videos. New inspirations for tapestry. Not only this circular video looked calm and peaceful, but also some of the details in the reflections in the water or just by looking at the textures produced by the over layered maple leaves.

This is one of the many things we enjoy living in Canada. The abrupt changes in the seasons. The explosion of greens during the Summer and the magnificent golden yellows and oranges during the, we will wait patiently to have it all covered with snow.

We can find inspiration everywhere......

My family and I

Gorgeous image of a piece of wood. Wouldn't this look fantastic just adding a bit of textural materials in tapestry?

This picture caught my attention due to the positioning of the leaves on each rock. They where like hugging each other to battle against the elements of nature: wind and water.

interesting views of a fungus....and look at the water! who wouldn't have some ideas for weaving?

Enjoy this video.......


K Spoering said...

Isn't it wonderful when you are surrounded by beautiful potential tapestries? Most of our leaves have all fallen here in Colorado, but fall is my favorite time of year. The light itself is so lovely!

ixchel suarez said...

Yes Kathy. Fall is also my favorite season. Probably because I love warm colours, but that does not mean I dont like the quiet monochromatic hues of winter.

Website said...

I loved your video and your energy; I could feel it. As you know I love taking pictures of trees and nature. At the present time I am having a fundraising event to raise funds and try to save Beaver Pond Forest (one of the most ecologically and diverse areas in Ontario) which developers are trying to destroy to build houses.