Saturday, March 14, 2009

My latest commission

Here it is. My brother's commissioned tapestry. He is living in Costa Rica and, not only he is a wonderful person, he is a great photographer. He has been traveling quite a bit and he has beautiful shots. This is one night shot from the Arenal Active volcano. It was so challenging to weave black over black, and after weaving and un-weaving the background, I decided to blend a bit of grey wool into it to "melange" the contour and not loosing the intention of the impressive lava flow.
I used wool, cotton, linen, synthetic and metallic yarns.


lyn said...

Ixchel, this is amazing!!! I love how you worked all of your gradations & can really understand what you went through weaving with such a dark palette since my current tapestry in progress on the loom is also very dark. What will you name it?


Krystyna said...

Ixchel, what a wonderful piece of art! It is amazing how quickly you made it. You are truly very creative and prolific weaver - not much sleep involved … ah?

ixchel said...

Hi Lyn, and I'm glad you liked it. It is called "Inner force", and unfortunately the computers are still not as advanced to post samples of texture as well...jaja, because it makes a whole new experience, right?

Ixchel tapestry weaver said...

Hi Lyn, sorry it took so long time but I have been like crazy...Anyway, I would love to see on what you are working now that you mentioned is quite dark as well.
About the name, I decided to call it "Inside out".
Now, just to make a bit contrast, I´m working in a commission all in white, raw hues, and it has a lot of 3-D added weaving. I´ll post my advances soon.
Cheers and have a great Easter.