Thursday, April 9, 2009

Remember to enjoy your time weaving

Hi to all of you spending some time in front of your looms. Remember that it doesn´t matter when you feel than some day you weave tighter than the other, or looser than the day before. I believe that weaving is part our our daily expressions, and we must learn to deal with the everyday life stress or not though our work.
We are not machines, and it does not mean you are mediocre or not so well" finished or done", it´s just that, in my personal opinion, weaving is like breathing....letting the flow of your veins run through you...explore the possibilities of our works in any dimension.
Any way, it´s just a thought. I even ejoy looking at my missplaced warps sometimes and laugh about it. It reminded me that day when I had a discussion with my daughter, or simply a bad day...ThenI turn around and see what came after that and it was beautiful and peaceful weaving. And that is what I most like.
Have a great Easter Weekend!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the reminder - I fully agree!