Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hi to all....this time I would like to talk about deadlines. I love weaving in projects I am enjoying. I take my time. I grab a cup of coffee...listen to great music....and just relax because I am just in front of my loom.
But, what happens when you receive in the mail a "Call for Entry".....and suddenly, you decide that precisely this piece you are working on just might be the good one to display????

Well, you see, this is just what happens to me almost all the time. I don't have a precise deadline to deliver this commissioned tapestry, and yet I would love to display it and show it before I deliver it.....So, I will just have to speed up and try to get to the deadline to enter the Juried Show. I am half way through, but between the painting classes, the kids, the house and of course all the things I am always involved in it will be a bit complicated.
I will let you know If this particular DEADLINE isn't a real DEAD-LINE..jaja.
Have a wonderful fibre week!

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Jennifer said...

Good luck to you! It would be wonderful to have it on display before it goes to the commission! The piece is beautiful!!!