Sunday, February 7, 2010

Updating my commission

Hi there!. It is already February and I know I have not been able to write in my blog lately, I can now show you the advances in thr project I am working on. I know my images are terrible, but I had a problem with my camera and I am using my son's. Sorry to put the images sideways, but since I am showing the project (which by the way was inspired in in a collage of a very good friend of mine and excellent visual Arts from Mexico).
I just love the visual intensity of the composition, and I love to mix many different materials and textures as well.
I will let you know the progress. It is quite large, but I am really trying to finish it by May....wish me luck!
good bye to all for now. I will give my back a rest....fiu!


K Spoering said...

This is beautiful and will make a stunning tapestry. I look forward to seeing it progress!

Jennifer said...

That is an amazing tapestry - I love the textures and look forward to seeing it finished. Please let us knwo where it will be and possibly there is chance to see it in person????

J. Austin - said...

I had to look closely at these photos to figure out what was going on. I love all the different textures, and the rich colors. Very impressive. Can't wait to see it all done.

Ixchel tapestry weaver said...

Hi Jennifer. Thank you for your comment. I am trying to finish this project by mid April before it is delivered to the owner. There is a juried show coming up in May so I would like to display it at least before delivering.
I am really enjoying the weaving. The earth colours in contrast with the bright peacock blues is just making me very happy.
By the way, I love your harp. I used to play in a baroque group for almost 2 years. I played the recorders (soprano and bass ones). Music is also part of me.
I will keep you updated on the progress.
Have a nice weave!

Ixchel tapestry weaver said...

Hi Jan. I know some very orthodox weavers say that this is not precisely tapestry (meaning ONLY flat weave), but I consider myself tapestry weaver even though I always end up mixing a lot of different materials, and techniques.
I am so glad you like it. I will keep you updated!.Have a great weave!