Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When thirteen Moon Entwine

Moon Rain Centre for the arts was a fabulous encounter of diverse medium, materials, concepts, ideas. I guess for me having the opportunity to attend with my kids made the experience even greater!
We could breath art all over the path where the installations where appearing. Could be a waterfall, a forest or a beautiful piece of wheat covered land, the place turned just magical.

The exhibitions that took place made the perfect complement for the over all experience. The 9me International Triennale of mini textiles was a feast for the eyes and senses. Some pieces where stunning.

Here, some of the artists enjoying a quiet space by the side of the stream. From left to right: Ixchel, Ewa Bartosz-Mazus, Thoma Ewen and Krystyna Sadej.
One amazing thing that occured in those days was the fact that it was Full Moon, the weather was so warm, and we where able to bring a telescope to the campsites.
The moon was so clear that we could see perfectly the irrecular contour of the Moon, the 4 moons of Jupiter and many shooting stars... It was just magical.

The integration of materials into the landscape created a sense of being walking on the skin of the Earth. Breathing through its pores, feeling its struggle to survive...
We shared moments of creativity, frustrations for our materials, bad weather at some point, but most of it was gratifying.
I am sure my kids and I will remember Thoma, Moon Rain, and the wonderful people we where able to share thoughts, meals, bonfires....or Tequila!

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