Wednesday, September 29, 2010

promise for Marilyn

For those interested I am working in a 8 epi warp. I would have prefered thinner cotton twine but it was hard to obtain. But it is OK. No worries.

I promissed Marilyn from New Zeland I would post an image of the rods that help me keep more or less tension. Usually the warp I like to set it quite loose in order to help me at the end when the distance of the nails of the frame are too close and it gets tighter.
I hope this picture is clear for you Marilyn.
Day 5 of the woven Journal.

Yamile, my friend from Colombia, here is sharing her lunch in The Attic.
This place is a wonderful space because people interested in Arts visit the Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre every day. They drop by the Studio at all times. It has been such an amazing idea to set the loom here. Thank you Sybil for your hospitality!!!! You won't regret this.

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Elisabeth said...

Ola, me gusta mucho su trabajo....muito rico.Besos