Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back in time, and back into large projects! wee!

I was going through some of my previous works from long time ago, and I came up with some images from my Studio : Textil Creativo in Mexico. Here is where I started to explore the possibilities of a large format after coming back from Lodz in Poland where I studied.

Of course I would love to go really BIG into a LAAAARGE format such as Tamara Jaworska´s tapestries, but for now i will have to settle with this because for now, I am working in my basement. The one in the Attic is being woven at Joshua Creek, and unfortunately I won´t be able to go there but once or twice a week.Too bad. I am really enjoying being there in the Attic!
THis picture you see above is a a tapestry I wove 19 years ago.

You could tell by looking at me there...ja ja. Time really passes by, huh?.

Impression in the Savannah was another large tapestry I enjoyed weaving in 2007, and it was quite plain (in a sense because if you look closer you will find all kinds of different technique that create different textures)

My latest large one...

Textures of the Night was the latest finished large tapestry. It was a commissioned piece and comparing to the one before it was such an explosion of colour and textures that was really fun to be working on.

Now, my time is for the one in the Attic.
Keep up with the blog and follow the day-by-day work in the woven journal....almost on Day 6!

See you soon.

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