Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visitors at the Attic.Day # 6

Wednesday 6 of October 2010. Day # 6 of the Woven journal.

It was quite a busy day because we had visitors coming in and out. A bit cool yet warm in essence due to all the wonderful visitors we had today.
First came Peter, one of my friends from Flamenco dancing class showed up. He is such a tall guy that I had to take 2 photographs for him to fit completely, jaja. Peter is a wonderful friend. Thank you for visiting us this lovely morning.

I know it is just for fun by taking 2 shots, but really he is so tall we had to find special flamenco shoes all around for his size!

The day was productive as for weaving, but you know how this is....productive meaning just a few centimeters!

Music: Santana and spanish joyfull music groups to cheer up the day.
Until next time.

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