Friday, October 15, 2010

Day # 7

Wow, Fall season is right here inside and outside Joshua Creek. The attic is shinny and the wind blows in such way that the leaves fly all over the window.
The day started with lovely music by Loreena Mckennit. Visitors as always dropped by and we had Stella Tang at the level where she could use a comfortable chair and start to put hands on the tapestry.

She is such a talented weaver and we are so glad to have her to collaborate in this project.
It was already noon when my husband dropped by to bring my lunch I had forgotten at home, when another member of the Oakville Tapestry Studio came to visit us. Her name is Lorraine Gard and she has been in the Studio for almost 3 years now.
She also wanted to do a bit for the project and I appreciate it.

It is hard to have many different hands in one same project. I am not used to because I have woven entirely all my projects, and this would be the first to have some other hands on collaborations. Let's see how this develops and if I believe the project is not going the way I have envisioned it, I guess we will have to figure out away to keep the essence of the design in order to put together all the different hands on- experience.
There are various levels of weaving tensions, techniques, temperaments, etc. So I guess that part of the fascination is precisely the expectation of wht will bethe outcome! Great experience for All.
Thank you Yamile for being so interested and for being such a commited and fast learner. You have been able to do all the different techniques on-the-go! WOW!

I guess in the times of the great series of large scale tapestries, the Royal Factories of Tapestries had cartoons with all kinds of detailing and specifications for the weavers to follow, and the Master weaver would coordinate those details. Here, I have only a rough sketch behind the warp and in the close-up photograph I tend to follow the image.

Here is Sam, another visitor at the Attic. He is Sybil's labrador and it is such a nice educated dog!

The picture of the day. Slowly coming alive!...but only a few centimeters, huh!
See you next time!

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