Friday, October 15, 2010

Day # 8

As you see, little by little, centimeter by centimeter, the tapestry is starting to breath on it's own! It is just fascinating how it is developing already in this small area. Can't wait to see more very soon!

Day 8, Friday October 15 was again sunny yet a bit cool morning. Yamile and I arrived just before the artists from the visual arts group arrived. The music we selected for this morning was rennaissance. And of course people started to show up in the Attic. It is such an inviting room and the weaving was delightful!

Suddenly, around 1.30 we ahd a special visit from Jody Orr, our true friend who was celebrating her 60th Birth Day!!!! and what a way to celebrate but to be in this magical space.
Congratulations Jody. come back and visit us soon.

These materials you see here where donated by Chung Ja Jackson. I would like to than k all the wonderful people who have donated materials for this amazing project. Be sure I will do my best to honour your donations and transform them into wonderful textures! Thank you all.

See you soon.

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