Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Exhibition at Visual Arts Mississauga

The Exhibition on Tapestries and Painting with Ning Zhao, Stella Tang and Me was a great success. For a weekend we had visitors coming in and out. Some pieces were sold which was good, but for me was a bit sad because in my case, weird as it sounds, It is so difficult to let go any of my tapestries. They are part of me and become me.....Anyway, I had to let them go, especially a piece I love!
Here in this wall we could see Stella"s work in painting, tapestry ande of course, woven needle jewellery. She is such a multi-talented artist!

I was so impressed at Ning Zhao's oil paintings. Because I have been immersed into textures, his work just spoke to me and caught my eyes and soul!

This is one of my favourite pieces:Man of a Thousand Faces. It was one of the tapestries I had to let go. Award winner for best in Show two times, this piece was almost all natural dyed with cochineal, indigo, marigold, black tea, campeche wood,brazilian wood.....I just loved it and only a few times I have had it for sale, not wanting it to go away from me.

There it goes! giving space to new pre-colombian themes to weave ahead!

These are Stellas Poppies! one of her sold pieces! Beautiful work and lovely colours. Congratulations my Dear Stella!

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