Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Woven journal days # 10,11,12,13

So sorry if i had completely left this task behind. My life, as always is going crazy, especially because I am preparing an exhibition together with Stella, another exhibition for Burlington Art Centre, classes, Studio, and on top of everything....I am moving in 2 weeks!!!!
Anyway I would like to thank all the wonderful and lovely people who have dropped by the Attic to say hi, share cookies, take pictures, chat for a while or just to say hi! To ALL, thanks on behalf of what people are calling us now:
Ladies of the Attic! isn't it fantastic? Ladies of the Attic! It sounds like the princess of the Tower...jiji

Sybil came, together with her Art Connections Group. Read below and you will definitely understand why weaving in an attic where just amazing and creative people surround you, cant be but just as magnificent as it is! I really thank Sybil the opportunity to do this project here.

Back row (fourth step), left to right: Sybil Rampen, Sharron Begg (waving), Dianne Gibson, Ann Sanders, Gail Rhynard
Third step, left to right: Anne Luxton, Chris Kummer, Sandra Meech
Seond step, left to right: Johnnene Maddison, Maggie Vanderweit, Jan Taylor, Susan Strachan Johnson (with mascot), Bev White
Front row, left to right: Linda Janzen, Helen Hughes
Kneeling: John Willard

Missing: Ralph Beney, Penny Berens, Gordana Brelih, Martha Cole, Laura Dobrindt, Elizabeth Duggan Litch, Joan Fraser, Susan Martin, Eileen Neill, Laura Thompson, Jacqueline Venus

Find more info by clicking into Joshua Creek Heritage art ├ęCentre or visit their webpages.

Please click on underlined names to see a sampling of our members' work.

Sharron Begg
Linda Janzen
Ann Sanders

Penny Berens
Chris Kummer
Evita Schvallbe

Gordana Brelih
Anne Luxton
Marion Spanjerdt

Elizabeth Duggan Litch
Johnnene Maddison
Susan Strachan Johnson

Martha Cole
Susan Martin
Jan Taylor

Joan Fraser
Sandra Meech
Maggie Vanderweit

Dianne Gibson
Eileen Neill
Jacqueline Venus

Andrea Graham
Sybil Rampen
Bev White

Helen Hughes
Gail Rhynard
John Willard

Yamile and Delta my cousin who recently moved to oakville, Jenny, one of the members of my Studio who paints lovely (visit and you can also see the work of her lovely daughter, Vicky who paints and weaves!
One of the artists brought an interesting article from the National Post from Wednesday October 20, 2010 about Rogue Weave....We commented about it and the thin line of art and craft!
It has been such nice sunny days.

Day 13, which is already today Wednesday Nov. 3rd.
Cold Cold morning. Everything was frozen and yet the sun blessed the day. The frozen pond and dead flowers create a lovely scenery of sparkling lights!

Wendy Weaver,

and artist from Toronto commented:" You've brought the outside colours in! it is a magnificent day today and you are locking that into your threads...Glorious Tapestry!

Today only Stella and I where the only weavers. I had to leave early, so did she. Minutes passed by and we hardly spoke or took breath!
We where just soooo immersed into our the renaissance music that it completed our inner silence!
details of the weaving so far:

Until next time.

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