Monday, July 4, 2011

The "Mancini" tapestry Project

Here is the Mancini project for a future tapestry.

Thank you Michelle for the inspiration. Even though the colours where really fantastic in the bright reds, the hues of blues, greys and purples just captivated my spirit.

Cant wait to start weaving.

Last week I visited for the first time Romney Wools, and guess what, I brought this image to get crazy with the yarns for the tapestry.


K Spoering said...

This will be beautiful in the blues and greys! And you are such a productive weaver, you will probably have it done before I finish my small piece. I look forward to seeing it being woven!

Ixchel tapestry weaver said...

Well I hope to finish it before the exhibit in 2012..for sure. Thank you. You know I will post the advances. Enjoy the Summer.