Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reflections on the Tapestry Course

I have been very lucky to meet wonderful weavers along the road. Through teaching I have experienced not only getting to learn from the participants new tricks and suggestions, but to find in them great sensible persons.

I would like to share some words sent from Michelle who touched my heart. Not only we shared time through the workshop but also we where able to know each other more. I am so glad I found not only a weaver that became my friend, but a friend who happens to weave as well, and that is the best gift of all. Thank you Michelle for your kind words.

A Dream Come True!!

I had first seen Ixchel’s tapestries on her blog site and loved her work immediately.
Her designs, use of textures, blending of colors, everything about them. I saw
techniques in her pieces I thought amazing and said WOW, I would love to learn
how to do that. So I e-mailed Ixchel to see if she taught classes. I received a lovely
and quick reply back along with a description of the 2-week workshop. Having
already used my vacation time for the year, I would have to postpone taking the
workshop till the following summer.

At last June arrived and it was time to fly to Canada. I was so excited. I would have
to say this was a life changing experience for me. I learned so much, more than you
can ever imagine in a 2- week workshop, and more than I can describe right here.
We did design work and Ixchel taught me several weaving techniques, (All that I
hoped to learn from seeing her work online.) different tips and tricks. We viewed
inspiring slides and videos. Ixchel has a wonderful book collection. We even had
a bonus class of how to dye wool. Oh and a double bonus, I was thrilled to see an
exhibit of Ixchel’s tapestries. All the pieces I was only able to view online, were right
there in front of me, in person. How cool is that!!

Besides being a Master Weaver and fabulous teacher, Ixchel is a very special and
giving human being. Her family, Juan, Sofia and Esteban are truly wonderful. I was
lucky to meet and spend time also with her mamma, Sylvia, who was visiting from
Mexico. I was able to partake in the Tuesday “Pot Luck” luncheons with friends
and students, what fun we had. And it was great to talk and laugh with assistant
weavers, Stella and Yamile. See, I can go on and on about this experience. One last
thing though I would like to say is a warm thank you Ixchel, for sharing with me
your love of music, dance, food and culture. But most of all thank you for sharing
your friendship.

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