Saturday, October 8, 2011

Amazing encounter


Today I was so excited!
I am going to tell you a story from long time ago.
Due to my Dads professional commitments, back in 1973 my family and I moved to Thunder Bay, in northern Ontario. He was appointed to be the Director of the Faculty of Music at Lakehead University and to be Director of the Symphony Orchestra. The experience for my Dad was amazing, for my brother, my sister and me was awesome. Being kids who wouldn't love to be playing in the snow all the time. And I mean, year round! they even made jokes about how cold it was: this year, Summer falls on Thursday...ha ha ha!

I guess the only one who really had a hard time was my Mom, who doesn't like cold at all. Especially being far away from her parents and raising 3 small kids. What a change.

If I think today I live far away from my Country, where Oakville is just 20 minutes away from Toronto, well let me tell you that Thunder Bay is still 1,798 kms still north from here!

The thing is that in the time we lived in Thunder Bay (which by the way is a very very cold City), where my brother and I would be ice skating in an outdoor rink at 10 pm when -40 degrees where a common temperature.

This is me and my sister outside our front door enjoying the snow.

Well, why do I refer to this precise moment in time. Well, 40 years have passed and today I had a visit from Friedl Ballaban, a good friend and member of our Oakville Handweavers and Spinners Guild plus the Spinning Chair for the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners OHS.

She came with Diana Bockus, a wonderful lady from THUNDER BAY!!!! Yes, from Thunder Bay!

For many of you this does not represent any other than a random event. For me it brought back memories of my childhood, the memory of my Dad, the thought of so many great friends we left there.
My best friends, Kelly Piper and Leslie, the Cotton Family, the Sellicks....

Thanks to all those memories kept alive for so many years was precisely that now, with my husband and my kids we looked up to Canada to continue our lives. As some of you know, we moved back again to Canada 6 years ago. Now my kids, 13 and 15 are registering in their own way some of the memories they will share with their own kids.

Thunder Bay, I promise I will go back to you someday and I will bring my kids along.To show them my school, my house, my life where I grew up and had wonderful moments.
Take them to see the Sleeping Giant, and the kakabeka Falls or Centennial Park .

(Bye for now from this personal comment)

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