Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finally, back on track.

(better late than never)

After several months I decided to go back to writing in this space. Not that I did not want to, it is just so many thing happening in my life lately.
Interesting work projects, getting to know interesting people such as Nga from Virginia, USA. For me and my family it was so interesting to meet someone from Vietnam. From music, to traditions, to food, to even learning how to kiss...!

Sometimes it is only what you know about readings or movies that you have a rough idea, but sharing valuable time with Nga was one of those fascinating experiences ever. Sensitive lady with so many things to share.

She did a wonderful job not only in the plain weave but also in the exercises regarding spacial weaving or 3-D structure.

Kate Kitchen, from Toronto, was also another lovely encounter at the Studio. She shared with us her knowledge and skills in weaving, and of course her fascinating ideas for wonderful one-of-a-kind coloured scarves.

Kate developed a small tapestry during the course inspired in one of her pictures with sea theme. The composition of the picture was beautiful and we had the opportunity to explore different textures along the project. She did wonderful job, especially in terms of colour. The idea is not to copy, but to explore the essence of the image through texture.

This is a fragment of her picture and below is the piece in process.

All this happening through Summer, when suddenly my right elbow started having some problems in tendons, ligaments and muscles....

Great, just what i needed. I am in the process of creating a large body of works for for an exhibition in 2013, plus commitments and commissions and it is one of those things I just don't need right now.

Anyway. I prefer not to talk about that because weaving is what keeps me moving, breathing, loving....

Going back to creating, which is what keeps us alive, I can tell you that the progress of the tapestry inspired in one of my daughters pictures is coming really nice. Slow, v e r y

but I really feel I am capturing the essence of the textures and the colour-composition.
The different materials I am using are amazing and even though is little by little, I am enjoying it so much!

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a combinação de cores é maravilhosa o resultado ficará ótimo...quero ver pronto