Friday, January 28, 2011

Ontario Arts Council Grant

I am very pleased to share with you the decision of the Ontario Arts Council to believe in my work by delivering me the Mid-Career Visual Arts Grant 2011.

This Grant will allow me to create the series of tapestries, multi-media textile art concepts and new body of works for the Burlington Art Centre exhibition to be held in September 2012.

By acknowledging this Grant I thank the Government of Ontario who support artists who struggle in the everyday life to pursue their hopes, dreams and artistic intentions.

I am sure that many great things will come from this wonderful opportunity.


OAC_CAO said...

Hi Ixchel,
Thank you very much for acknowledging Ontario Arts Council support on your blog. Through our programs, we do our best to nurture the artists that fill this province with so much creativity. It's wonderful that we were able to support your work. We are always looking for images to profile in our various publications, so please feel free to share any pics of your work with us.
All the best with your upcoming project!!
Ontario Arts Council

Ixchel tapestry weaver said...

Thank YOU. This has been awesome for me especially at this moment in the process of creating large scale artworks. People do not realize how much effort and time it takes to create tapestry. Through this exhibition i hope to create more awareness of the technique. Not to make less the painting, (I paint as well), but painting is altering an already made canvas...tapestry is creating THE canvas. You will see, you wont regret giving me this wonderful opportunity. That I promise!
Thank you for your input. Keep blogging to see the advances of the project.Thanks again to the OAC.

OAC_CAO said...

You are absolutely right about the efforts behind the creation of tapestry. It's great that you will be able to shed more light on this practice with your project :) By the way, we have been doing some research on crafts practices and how the field is evolving and will share some info about that pretty soon. So look out for a message from us! :) Have a wonderful day!

Ixchel tapestry weaver said...

Cant wait to hear about the new projects. Definitely, NEW crafts are evolving just as techniques, but the essence is still there. Look at tapestry, the traditional technique brought into a contemporary language! Another thing that i have found is the possibility of sharing new and different materials that industry has to offer. I am not a orthodox weaver in the sense of using exclusively cool, cotton or silk i.e., I enjoy EVERYTING i feel it speaks to me. Lets have fun with texture and colour and see what happens, what do you think???

OAC_CAO said...

Totally agreed. The possibilities are endless when creativity is our guide :) btw, your woven tapestry project is coming along beautifully!