Saturday, March 5, 2011

Maple bark on the go

The most challenging least for me!

Maple Bark has been one of my most challenging projects.
Each and every part of it, even the tiniest one, has a blending. Fading away hues.....and of course the changes of different yarns and calibres. I have decided to start another one just to give me a little breat every now and then from this one.
This kind of imagery reminds me one polish artist which I admire a lot, Stefan Poplawski, who weaves flat tapestries with images in 3-D images with photographic projects in high contrast.

The year 1972 was the time when Stefan Popławski’s (a graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań) piece was created. His simple Self-portrait is a very important interpretation, made in tapestry (162 x 90 cm), of a photograph from a family album. The artist frequently used famous documentary and historical pictures, as well as stills from the movies made by distinguished directors, and press photos. He transformed these selected “films of reality” into cycles: a series of photography reconstructions, movie “pictures,” old performances (Polish banners) and contemporary events. Two-coloured, woven with sisal or wool, or sometimes made with the use of needle work, these overscaled tapestries displayed silhouette outlines of people, emerging from a plain, contrasting background. With a photo-recorded image, constructed in accordance with the way the lens “sees the world,” and the phenomena typically accompanying photography, these works got the impact force of a monumentalized poster.

I am already behind my schedule to weave the other tapestries. I really have to catch up and hurry, or else I really wont be able to finish for the 2012 exhibit!.....I will try to weave the most I can tomorrow Sunday which it is promissed to be a rainny day. So, perfect dfor weaving!!!Yeeeey! I will let my kisd and husband prepare meals.....Yes, already sounds great. A weaving day.

See you later. Good night.

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