Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 40 woven tapestry journal

Day 40 of the Woven Tapestry Journal

has come and even though the weather has still been really cold, with snow storms and freezing rain, March has been a very good month for the tapestry. The storm we had

just left us with the idea that Spring will have to wait a bit more, and we will still need to focus in the winter scenes for a while. Anyway, we are still here. Once we walk through the storm, the reward is to get into the Attic and start the day with a cup of coffee, put some great music and weave, weave, weave and weave!

Visit this link and you will see the 80 % of the tapestry at Joshua Creek.

In the stage we are in right now, we are in need of using more bases for our high chairs and it is getting really uncomfortable to weave. I really hope to finish it soon in order to be able to take it for the exhibition in Mexico in May.....don't know for sure if we will be able to, but will make our very best to do it.

Very special thank you to all the people who have been showing up to cheer and support our project: My Husband and son,

who helped carry the bases, Alice and Pauline, together with Stella and Yamile.

All great friends who have introduced us into different Chinese food options, and Phillip,

who is visiting us from Singapore. To all a great thank you! Keep visiting us and cheering us. In a project like this it is wonderful to have peoples input.

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K Spoering said...

I just can't believe how quickly this huge tapestry is being woven! And it is lovely!