Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mission accomplished!

maple bark tapestry

Finally, and after a couple of delays in the process, I struggled to finish my maple bark tapestry; one of the of series tapestries for the Burlington Arts Centre Exhibition.
The idea of interpreting the details of the maple tree bark through textures happened one day when walking along the trails in Crawford Lake.
One tree after the other, some birches and some maples....yet this one caught my attention because not only had intricate patterned lines, fractals of colour...yes. Colour!

Be it fungus, loss or just shadows from an autumn afternoon, but it looked just beautiful. I decided to take some pictures from this particular tree, and this was the image I decided it would be interesting to weave.

The next step was to select the yarns that would talk though it... and there you go. A combination of wool, cotton, silk, linen and of course synthetic and metallic yarns!

I have to confess that the delay not only was because I moved to another house in December which took a lot of my energy and time, but also the fact that this project was tremendously demanding in the detail! Each and every piece of the woven structure had certain combinations and gradation of hues, which made it time consuming. But what can i say, I loved the way colour blend in and I enjoyed even the stress of it all.

Weaving has to be a calming experience, and mostly it is, but when you are running behind a deadline you tend to have the stress factor. I guess in the end, it definitely paid off the extra time.

I appreciate all the followers who have encouraged me to keep up...see you next blog. Want a hint??? the next project is a picture of a fungus with a burnt tree that my daughter took in Gatineau... keep up following the blog and see all the process...again! Here I go. Have a happy weave.


K Spoering said...

Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on completing it. Both the colors and the texture are just amazing! I hope I get to see it on exhibit someday.

Juba Doobai! said...

Beautiful! Simply beautiful!

Jan said...

This is gorgeous, and I can see why it took extra time, although it seems to me you finished it pretty quickly. I guess I need to get to work on my tapestry that is much smaller and has been sitting on the loom for almost 2 years!

myriam ixchebell said...

What can I say !!!!OUT OF WORDS"
6 years ago on my way to school, I found a beautiful tree that was screaming out loud it´s colors and joy for life so I decided to write a poem for this incredible tree-soul.... so you can tell that this bond....runs in the family. CONGRATULATIONS.

Stella said...

Simply gorgeous! Worth all the stress eh Ixchel? Now on to the next challenge! Congrats.

Pam said...

Lovely work--full of texture and joy!

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

It looks just great! I love the colours and textures and it looks so lively!
I think you are a very talented weaver, - and I am very happy to be able to follow your work in this way!

Pam said...

What a great work!!I too have a design of bark ,but from the NW of Oregon and it is of an old growth tree...It is still in the design stage..I love it that there could be several of us with works that go so deeply into the theme of trees.Ixchel this so inspiring!!The color is so fabulous.

Chung-ja said...

Ixchel, it is such a beautiful work; the texture, colour and design are wonderful. You produced a small section of nature, maple bark, into an amazing piece of tapestry. Congratulations!!! I am waiting for your next tapestry (of course no pressure, mind you). You are surely very talented artist.

Krystyna said...

Congratulation Ixchel, fantastic tapestry... Just awesome ... everything; colors and texture and subject. Thanks for sharing.

lyn said...

Thank you for sharing the journey of this tapestry, Ixchel. It has been inspiring & a source of encouragement for me as I work on my own big project!

Rebecca Mezoff said...

Wow, so stunning. And to me, it seemed like it took no time at all for you to weave it. I wish I could see it in person!

Liz said...

Really amazing piece of work! Congratulations on making such a wondrous thing of beauty.

Ma. Concepcion said...

Mil Felicidades! Aunque las fotos no demuestran la verdadera belleza de tus obras. Puedo imaginarmelas en 3a dimension....breathtaking for its beauty
Un fuerte abrazo

Spencer Low said...

Estupendo!! IncreĆ­ble!