Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 41 in the Attic, new video

Here we are

Here we are, Day 41 in the Attic at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre, with blooms all over and a bright sunny day, and we are just willing to advance as much as possible in order to be able to finish, and then we remind ourselves that this technique is just not the best for rushing. We have to take our time to weave and explore possibilities of texture and fibre. Listening to great music, enjoying the visits and chatting trying to fix the world around us...
As you see in the video, the base is already high, and we are in the moment to ask for more palletes to support our high stools... we will soon be fetching for more to get even higher. Our arms are starting to resent the position.

Day 42 and 43 was lonely for I came to the attic alone over the weekend. It is also great to immerse yourself in the quiet space of this magical place!
Thank you, Sybil for allowing us to share this wonderful space here with you.
Until next blogging. Have a great week!

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Chung-ja said...

Ixchel, your tapestry is progressing beautifully. i can hardly wait to see the finished project near future. Good work.