Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Woven tapestry journal. Day 45!


Today is still Wednesday April 6, 2011.

As you know by now, for the past months we have been weaving at the Joshua Creek Attic. Like every Wednesday or Friday sometimes (or any other day of the week that we can sneak in), we come with our energies and batteries turned in weave-mode, or should I say: enjoy-mode, dance-mode, sing-mode, snack-mode, learn-mode, etc.

Everyday has a sparkle of something different. Today for example, Lorraine joined us, Stella and Yamile to weave.

Great opportunity to join us when she had a cancellation of one of her students.

Another interesting thing was the visit of Peter, my flamenco friend who dropped by to see the advances in the project and of course, to do a bit of Rock & Roll (which he is willing to learn).

Not that I am the best dancer, but my mom taught me a bit and why not, we need to stretch our legs from time to time after being sitting down for hours while weaving.

Dance, music, laughs... everything is a combination of great things that happen in this place and makes it magical.

And last, but not least, I have to say that I have enjoyed each and every visitor that until now has had the time to step up and look at what we are doing, cheering us up, sharing cookies, anecdotes or taking photographs. Need less to say about all the wonderful comments that have appeared in our registrants book. Our dear journal that is making me write and practice my terrible English.
And it is precisely about these comments that I want to stop and make a reference tonight.
Yamile, my friend and one of the weavers participating in the making of this tremendous and lovely woven tapestry took the time to share her thoughts.

I am always encouraging her to practice her English (for she comes from Colombia) and has been terrified to let her language flow. By being here in the attic, she has had a bit more exposure to express and chat with people coming in and out, and I can tell that by now she "dares" to share her inner thoughts, and this time in English. I would like to share with you her quote, for she made a tremendous effort in writing but I was soooo thrilled to know she made it!

Quote from Yamile Roa, assistant weaver at Joshua Creek, feb 2011-02-08

Last September when Ixchel told me about this project, I thought it would be wonderful to be able to participate in some way.

Not only because it is her project and her idea and creation, but also being a dedicated artist and passionate of her work who gives the best of her in everything she does. The possibility to be close to her learning and knowing more about this technique is a great opportunity for me.

This project is wonderful because of its colours, hues, different textures, shapes and size. In each and every piece we weave we let our creativity flow following the basic general parameters of the original photograph. Eventhoug it is a formal image, the essence becomes an abstract form that lets everyone imagine anything possible and admire its whole work being like a dream.

It is amazing how people from around the world with different languages, when it comes to ART we all speak the same language. Concepts like figure, texture, colour, design and composition, as well as feelings and sensations like wonderful, amazing, spectacular are just some of the words that are common to everyone that has seen this work in process.

The attic where the tapestry is being woven is a wonderful space for anyone to inspire and relax. It is a full artistic place which I love just being there. Not only the physical space, but also the people who attend this Heritage Centre. Sensitive and creative people gather here and are all in many ways lovers of the arts.

They all have shared with us their feelings and sensibilities about the tapestry as it comes along growing week after week. They are all the ones who encourage us all to keep up the weaving.

Sybil Rampen, the owner and creator of this fascinating space is a wonderful warm lady who has made our work in the attic feel like home. We are very grateful to her for opening this space for us during this project.

And most of all thanks to Ixchel who has invited me to participate , to learn and to be an inside creator of this beautiful project.


Thank you so much for taking the time to write such nice things. Be sure that by the time we finish our tapestry, your English will be gratefully rewarded.

Keep up! YAMI

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