Sunday, April 3, 2011

When thirteen Moons Entwine Exhibition

A few months ago in the Fall, I had the opportunity to participate in the event When Thirteen Moons entwine, organized by a wonderful woman: Thoma Ewen at Moonrain Centre for the Textile Arts in Gatineau, Quebec.
Among several parallel exhibitions, this one was presented with the selected artists, both emerging and established artists that participated in the 13 installations.

Scroll below to know more about the participants in this beautiful and diverse fibre experience.


When 13 Moons Entwine

is an international textile arts event, inspired by the thirteen moons of the lunar calendar. It is an outdoor laboratory that brings together 26 professional, international and emerging artists in the creation of 13 textile art installations along a scenic walking path at Moon Rain Centre in the Gatineau Hills. A spectrum of textile arts exhibitions will be presented in collaboration with major exhibition centres in the region and throughout this festive event, workshops will be taught by international textile artists.

On-Site Installations

Irene Anton • Deutschland
Irene Anton

Carole Baillargeon • Québec
Carole <span class=Baillargeon">

Ewa Bartosz-Mazus • Polska
<span class=Bartosz-Mazus">

Denise Coker • Québec
Denise <span class=Coker">

Joanne De Nobriga • UK
Joanne De <span class=Nobriga">

Nadine Dupex • France
Nadine <span class=Dupex">

Claire Gurette • Québec
Claire <span class=Gurette">

Andie Haltrich • Québec
Andie <span class=Haltrich">

Peter Harris • Canada
Peter Harris

Jocelune Ladouceur • Québec
<span class=Jocelune Ladouceur">

Nathalie Levasseur • Quebec
<span class=Debieve Soazig">

Hope Maclean• Québec
Hope <span class=Maclean">

Edith Meusnier • France
Edith <span class=Meusnier">

Gael Morin • France
Gael Morin

Johanna Nousiainen • Québec
Johanna <span class=Nousiainen">

Kathryn Pannepacker • USA
Kathryn <span class=Pannepacker">

Ali Rabjohns • UK
Ali <span class=Rabjohns">

Hannah Ranger • Québec
Hannah Ranger

Nadine Richard • France
Nadine Richard

Krystyna Sadej • Canada
Krystyna Sadej

Jolanta Sprawka • Québec
Jolanta Sprawka

Marie Pier St-George • Canada
Marie Pier St-George

Ixchel Suarez • Canada
Marie Pier St-George

Liane Thirty-Smith • Canada
Liane Thirty-Smith

Owen Tuf • Québec
Owen Tuf

Jeanne Vallancourt • Canada
Jeanne Vallancourt


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