Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sofia's project

Hiking in Gatineau.....

I started my new tapestry, this time from a detil inside of a burned tree, with an interesting formation of lichens and fungus in yellows.

Las fall, after participating in the 13 Moons International Exhibit in Gatineau, we had the opportunity to spend some family time together with my kids and my husband camping in a wonderful site . There, not only the wilderness of the place was fascinating due to the exuberant and deep thick forest, but also for the many different creatures and living species growing around.

It was in one of those hikes that my daughter Sofia decided to make a stop and take a picture. She was amazed about these yellow fungus growing here and there.

She called us to show us the picture she took. The hike kept on going with random pictures from here and there.

On our return, I was really happy to see that she not only has a view for choosing interesting views and different things through the lens, but also to notice she has such an artistic sense of composition.

I am glad having to interpret in this project one of my daughters lens view... through her eyes I will capture the image through textures. The possibility of incorporating different interesting materials into it will be fun to do and I will get to have some feed back from my daughter in the process.

In the picture above you can see the full picture, then I decided to crop it a little bit and flip it over a bit. The colour and weight of the contrast was the main condition for the changes. I also cropped a bit of the yellow fungus. Not that i do not like the interesting shapes, but I thought that being so bright yellos I would just leave the option of playing around with the contrasts with the dark black and blues with just a bit of bright yellows and browns.

Keep up to follow the process. it is coming along really fun to weave! It will be part of the series of tapestries for the Burlington Art Centre.

Until next blog.

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